Monday, June 8, 2009

Banh Mi? Yes, Please!

When I first moved to Seattle I was looking for a place to get cheap, delicious, cheap, authentic, cheap, ethnic food. I read about Saigon Deli in a local paper and decided to check them out. The Vietnamese restaurant is located in the Little Saigon section of the International District at 12th and Jackson. The paper recommended I try the Banh Mi sandwich. It cost $2.00. I was hooked.

The delectable sandwich comes on an 8 inch crusty fresh French roll and has julienned cucumber, carrot and pickled daikon, cilantro, thin slices of jalapeno, yummy mayonnaise dressing with black pepper, and the meat or tofu filling of your choice. I have tried the red pork (which is amazing and tastes like a combo of barbequed pork, jerky and bacon) and the tofu (equally as good but saucier). They offer other meats but I have had no need to try them. I have found my fave and I made a vow to eat a Red Pork Banh Mi from Saigon Deli every time I'm near the neighborhood, which is not often enough now that I live downtown.

They have lots of other delicious looking Vietnamese food in hot trays at Saigon Deli, and the prices are fantastic. But I can't bring myself to try them because the Banh Mi has a spell on me. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS SAIGON DELI WITH OTHERS NEARBY...they are not as good, in my opinion.

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